Why Restaurants choose us!

Flat Fees


We are a food delivery service plain & simple! We make it easy  for our restaurant partners to understand our costs.  We charge only a simple flat rate fee for each delivery & a smaller re-do /emergency fee for any go backs, etc..  That's it!

Localized Delivery Area


Tired of waiting 30, 40 minutes or more for a driver because they're on the other side of town?  Our drivers AND our managers/dispatchers are always within minutes of your restaurant!  Fast & efficient... we get the job done right the 1st time!

Who's Customer?


Tired of these food apps monopolizing your customers, knowing everything about them, when you can't even get basic contact info or what they ordered last.  We don't keep, store, sell, or use your customer data... we're not collecting their info to grow our business. YOU are our customer, our business!