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ZipityDooDa is a Local Food Delivery service, created to give restaurants a quality local delivery option.   Our attention to a focused delivery area, means we get a restaurant's food to their customers fast & efficient.  In addition, each area has it's own local hub/dispatch manager to handle any problem/ issues quickly & efficiently!   

As a restauranteur, you and your team have put in all that effort to create & make the food for your customers, all you need from us, is one job... just deliver it!  It's really that simple, or least it is now with Zipitydooda!  

Our Story

Food delivery is now completely dominated by storefront apps run by tech cos. focused solely on $!

Frustration to opportunity...


A new food delivery service, ZipityDooDa is the brainchild of Bob Pasela, a frustrated restauranteur who only wanted to find a simple fast & easy delivery partner for his restaurant, Sabuku Sushi.  With only food storefront delivery apps now dominating the market & exactly what Bob didn’t want due to their onerous fees, lengthy turnaround times & terrible customer service, Bob instead reached out to his longtime friend & ZipityDooDa co-founder, Frank Short, to help run the operations. Frank’s extensive work in the transportation field with both Lyft & Uber, adds an important understanding of the technical & logistical challenges of running & coordinating a delivery team .  Together with a squad of dependable  & dedicated drivers, ZipityDooDa is now the premier partner for restaurants wanting a fast & reliable “delivery service.” Localized coverage areas, simple to understand flat fees and an in depth understanding of our role, only make ZipityDooDa’s service that much better for it’s customers… the restaurants it serves! ZipityDooDa uniquely grasps the one job it has to do, and gets it done right!

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